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E-mail: Ltd - Our products generally classified as plastic bags, paper bags, recycle bags, cooler bags and biodegradable recycled bags. Stocks or custom-made are always welcome. Please search for our products and feel free to contact us if any query.
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Products including PP gift bags, CPE bags, Co-Extrusion bags, HDPE bags, LDPE advertising bags, packaging bags and BOPP laminated bags. Various of styles, such as drawstring bags, plastic loop handle bags, die-cut handle bags, patch handle bags, soft-loop handle bags, T-shirt bags or adhesive bags. Our products are widely used in many industries such as retail chain stores, boutiques, supermarkets, garments and etc.
We were the pioneer in producing recycle bag in the local market in 20 years ago. In line with the current trends of environmental protection. We produce biodegradable bags, PP non-woven bags, woven bags, PET bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, nylon bags, etc. Limited has twenty years experience of printing paper bags. The main products are kraft paper bags, art paper bags, coated paper bags, etc. Paper bags are tough and have high carrying capacity. We process with high quality digital printing and offset printing to help you to show your brand and achieve the desired promotion goal.
The convenient and stylish way to keep cool with our cooler bag products!
These insulated soft cooler bags will keep your foods/drinks cool for hours, while being stylish at the same time! The bags with a vinyl/non-woven type material on the outside, this make it extra easy to clean and durable. Inside come with insulation material. They are ideal for the food industry, transporting cold/frozen foods from one location to the other.
We efforts to promote environmental protection in plastic products. Take the initiative to encourage and remind customers to use environmentally friendly materials and production using the most appropriate specification. All raw materials using 100% recyclable materials used in production lines the industry. In addition, degradation of additives containing products will be accelerated after the biodegradation.
We provide various stock products. Low cost but high quality paper bags, plastic bags and non-woven bag. Please contact our customer service for more details.
We also provide ODM service. We specific the size and style, all with 100% recyclable material, 30% recycled material and 5% degradation of materials. Based on your design and requirements, to customise on wide range of shopping bags, gift bags, etc.