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  Gift bag is getting more popular among new products. Most of our customers are mainly target to brand name market, because of that, the material required to be durable, without any pucker. The material of testure are quite similar to paper bag and with excellent water-resistant effect. In terms of price, it is a bit cheaper than paper bag but higher than regular plastic bag. There are two kinds of printing, silk printing and offset printing. Silk printing are prefer to apply on wording and Logo. The quantity of order can be less because silk printing is not expensive. Offset printing are prefer to apply on photo and process colour. And quantity of order are required more because the price are much higher. Ltd is one of the company to supply this gift bag. In order to maintain our products are high quality with lower price, we have a very good corporative relationship with many sourcing suppliers that materials we imported from are with bargain price to reduce the costing . If you have any question about the product, please do not hesitate to contact our sales manager at anytime. We hope that our comments are of valuable to you.
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