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E-mail: Ltd founded in 1982. We can offer small to large run printing and customization to suit your needs, in addition to our extensive selection of packaging products. We are also the first major production of biodegradable products and 100% recycled product manufacturers. Good quality and excellent service has always been our standard and directions.
Well-thought packaging will enhance your image, add perceived value to your products, and increase your sales and profitability. The old adage that you need to spend money to make money is usually true. In business, image matters, and bland plastic bags decrease perceived value and send the wrong message to customers. What would you like your packaging to do for your business?
We give you the advantage of easy ordering, and more importantly, the precise information you need to order the right items. Plus, you have a valuable backup resource—the expertise of the seasoned staff has over 30 years of experience in supplying a wide range of packaging materials. Whether its a single case or a truckload, stock products or custom printed, we want to help you meet your unique needs. Ltd is dedicated to helping you choose distinctive and innovative service packaging at competitive prices. Give us a try; your complete satisfaction is our goal. Increasing your business and profitability by making better packaging choices starts with your commitment to change.