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E-mail: Ltd manufactures Cooler Bag using Aluminum Foil Silver Lining to build the inner layer. This can keep the cooling period longer than usual materials of Silver Lining and PVC. The outside layer is mostly using Nylon. Our factory locates at Guangzhou China, employees are more than 800. Monthly production is over 500,000 pieces. More than 50% of products are exported to different places of the world. The exporting quantities are increasing annually. This encouraging growth is the fruitful result of our continuous efforts to ensure high quality of productions. The high quality control standard is far away from our competitors. The price is always kept at a very competitive low level. In order to keep our competitive capability in the market, our company will lower the product price to meet the business challenges after China enters WTO.

We welcome all the overseas clients to ask for price quotation subject to their own designs and samples supply to us. We can be reached anytime through email directly.
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