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26-11-2010 Double joy for WWF in green offices drive

The number of enterprises joining an environmentally friendly office program has doubled in the past year but the World Wildlife Fund hopes even more will sign on.

To date, a total of 60 companies have committed themselves to the Low- carbon Office Operation Programme, compared with 30 when it was launched last year.

One-third are international corporations, including HSBC, KPMG and The Body Shop.

A total of 14 companies have completed the LOOP labeling process.

WWF business engagement leader Karen Ho Mei-kin said yesterday Hong Kong-based firms are facing increasing pressure to address climate change.

Ho said according to a report by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, carbon emissions by the commercial sector account for 38 percent of the territory's total.

"Simple steps such as reducing the use of paper, turning off computers and air conditioners and adopting LED lighting can contribute to a greener office."

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology plans to have an environmentally friendly campus within three years.

New measures will include improved energy efficiency and increased recycling initiatives.

REBECCA YU - The Standard

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